Saturday, 16 October 2010

What a fab morning!!

I just needed to share my fabulous morning with you all!!

Anyone that knows me/reads my blog/looks at my facebook page will know that I am absolutely obsessed with fabric especially the buying of it and choosing it. So you can probably understand my frustration in living in the Uk as most of the fabrics I love are from the US, this means that it costs a lot to post them and i tend to have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive! The spoilt child in me does not appreciate the waiting!!!

So you can imagine my surprise when the postman rang my doorbell this morning and there was my parcel all the way from the USA (SkyeReveFabrics) which i only ordered 4 days ago!! I was sooooooooooooooo happy!!
The fabric is soooooooooooo beautiful as well i can not wait to use it, and i have a very exciting custom order that i will start on Monday which i can use it for Yippeeee!!

Also to top off the beautiful morning my lovely little monster slept in till nearly 10 o'clock!! As anyone with kiddies will confirm this is nothing short of a miracle! So my household is full of very happy people today!!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Etsy Silly Sale!!!

This week from today I am taking part in the Uk Silly Sale with a lot of other fabulous Etsy shops!! So instead of showing you my sale items i have been doing a little browsing, (possibly a little shopping later!!) to find you some absolutely fabulous sale goods! Trust me they are fabulous!!

Take a look at these fabulous prints by Heidiadnum. Free shipping on all prints and also some beautiful bunting that they sell!!!

Next is another fab shop called Wudwerx! They sell all kinds of Bird feeder and wooden bug boxes and bird houses! They have some great offers on. I particularly love this toast bird feeder and think it would look fantastic in my garden!!

I completely fell in love this bangle from QuercusSilver, it is beautiful and a complete bargain now its in the sale!!

Because i love cupcakes especially ones that look too pretty to eat, take a look at millalove for amazing cupcake toppers!!

And last but by no means least these gorgeous greetings cards!!! I am such a card hoarder so these are right up my street!!! Take a look at KitszieG for more cards, postcards and prints!!!

Let me know if you buy any bargains today!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Well I know it has been some time since i last did a blog post but life has been a little crazy recently!!
Firstly i had a very exciting request from Sew Hip magazine to do a piece on my adult slippers so that was very exciting, a lot of hard work but very exciting. Writing was never my strength at school so trying to write instructions that someone else had to follow proved to be quite a challenge!!

Then after that my little Etsy shop went absolutely mental with wholesale orders, I had 5 all in a very short space of time and have since been churning out booties, burp cloths and purses by the dozen like a machine. Bed time went out the window and my house looks like a fabric shop has been sick all over it but it was definitely worth it and an excellent learning curve. I learnt that making items by bulk is much quicker and so I think i will be doing that in regards to my shop from now on, I also learnt I need to be more realistic with the times I quote people and remember that there is only me sewing and I have a 2 year old that demands and deserves the larger share of my attention!! So with all that my poor little Etsy shop has been very neglected and has rapidly dropped from nearly 60 listings to 40!!

In between all of those things it was mine and hubby's 6th wedding anniversary!! Time really does fly when you are having fun! So we managed to squeeze in a week off, unfortunately the fabulous abroad holiday was off the cards this year so we went out and about to lots of fun kiddies things in the Uk. The little monster got completely spoilt all week with presents and sweeties and days out, generally just a fab family week!!

So now i have finally got my world slightly back to normal I can start to focus on rebuilding my stock so expect lots of new things over the next few weeks and then i am going to take a look at the amazingly large list of ideas you all had when i had my giveaway all those weeks ago!!
Here is just some of the ideas you guys had:
*Unisex items
*Boys Booties
*Bigger range of fabric for the adult slippers
*Men's Slippers
*Matching hats
*Bright coloured plain fabrics
*Smaller purser (credit card size)
*Larger purses
*More toddler sizes
*Baby Blankets
*Car seat Tents
*Children's sizes
*hair bows
*Clothes - dresses etc

On top of all this I am also aiming to phase out the made to order items, I think as a customer having to wait for something to be made is sometimes off putting and as the person making them life is easier if I'm just selling what i have!!

And last but not least i just had to share with you all this absolutely amazing notepad i found whilst browsing the Etsy forums today:

I am absolutely in love it and may well be purchasing one in the near future when i have some spare pennies and a bit more time to choose. They are soooo beautiful and completely sensible and practical as well, with great wooden covers so you always have something solid to rest on, plus they would look fab out on display on your desk as well!!! Even better you never have to throw it away as you can refill them!! Love it!!! Check out the whole shop here at Timeforteame

Well that's about all from me and my little catch up today. Hopefully i will be back soon with more things i find on one of my many shopping trips!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

And the winner is.....

Well I had so much fun doing this giveaway!! It actually got pretty obsessive checking the entries every day and seeing what people would choose and getting inspired by what they want to see more of! I am absolutely overwhelmed by the lovely comments and the volume of entries, definitely a lovely confidence boost!!

Well lets stop me waffling and get down to business!! Ive used to choose the winner as that seemed the fairest and what others seemed to use, so I hope Ive done it right!

So entry 148 was the winner which means........................................


I will email you to let you know the details and so we can finalise what you would like to spend you gift certificate on!!

As for everyone else that didn't win, I'm very sorry but please keep following the blog and keep your eyes open for another giveaway!

But if you cant wait for another giveaway for this week only 7/6/10 - 14/6/10 if you quote BlogGiveaway1 in notes to seller then you can save 20% on your order!

Once again thanks to everyone that entered, keep your eyes peeled for some new things in store soon thanks to all your fabulous help in telling me what you wanted to see!!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Its Giveaway Time!!!

Right so I promised you all a give away and here it is:

Im giving away $25 to spend in my store on whatever you like, whether that be a free pair of booties, or money off some comfy slippers for yourself or a custom order that you choose.

Heres what you have to do:

1.) Leave a comment on the post below telling me what you would spend your $25 on.
2.) In your comment also tell me what you would like to see next in my shop, whether it be a fabric, new style of shoes, something completely different???

For some extra entries:
3.)Become a follower of this blog
4.)Post this giveaway somewhere else for example your own blog/twitter etc and leave a link for me to see
5.)Like my Facebook fan page!/SeaminglyPossible?ref=ts
6.)Tell me how you heard about this giveaway

If you could leave a seperate comment for each entry it would make it much easier for me to sort out!

The contest will end at 11:59 PM on June 6th. Winner will be chosen at random. Be sure you have a way for me to get in touch with you, either by leaving your email address in the comments or have a link in your profile.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Summer sun and dandelions!!

Well the weather has been fabulous and we have been outside for as much of the day as possible! This does not help me be creative but it is fab to spend so much time with my monster and enjoy the fresh air!!

His favourite things to do at the moment are feed the ducks, this is not my favourite as we get swarmed by geese and swans and pigeons and seagulls, and I then spend the next half an hour trying to avoid being pecked and pooped on The things we do for our kids enjoyment though hey!

He also has found the joy that is dandelions and blowing all the seeds away, its the cutest thing watching him try and figure out how to blow instead of suck and then not being able to blow hard enough to get the seeds to fly away. He hasnt quite got the hang of counting so its a dandelion clock, he counts 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 and it takes him about a 100 blows to clear the thing so I wouldnt call it accurate time keeping by any means but he likes it!!

Simple things that we take for granted as adults absolutely fascinate children and its not until you spend time with one that you learn to appreciate them again. They are constantly learning and changing and absorbing information and such a fast rate, I wish I could still take things in at the same rate, it would make life a lot easier sometimes!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My First Blog Milestone!!!

Well I have neglected my blog yet again, motivation has been a key this last week or 2 and I have been consumed by Potty training and business cards etc etc. So it was to my delight that I looked at my blog this morning and realised I now had 54 followers!! 50 was a milestone that I wanted to hit with my blog and I did wonder if I would ever make it as I haven't posted nearly as much as I wanted!! So hello to all my lovely followers, I love comments and ideas so please feel free to post lots on here!

Sooooo with that in mind keep your eyes peeled for my first ever giveaway that I will start next week. I hope to run it for a whole week so you will have plenty of time to enter and pass it on to any friends.

With the giveaway in mind, what kind of prizes would you all be interested in? A set prize? A gift certificate? A prize from somewhere else? Fabric? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

They are here!!!

Yes my Moo cards have arrived!! If any of your are fans on of my facebook page you will know that I ordered some last week and was very very excited about getting them!! Well they arrived this morning and I can safely say that I am really chuffed with how they have turned out. They are printed on gorgeous card, nice and thick and not too shiny. They look really good, I will definitely be ordering some more and probably some stickers and mini moo cards aswell!!
Im glad I finally went through and ordered some because ive been thinking about it for weeks and its not till you see them in the flesh that you realise firstly how pants my home printed ones are and secondly exactly what photos sell your items best in that kind of space. I will definitely be spending more time choosing my photos next time as there are a few cards that im not so keen on because the picture looks a bit odd in the space.
Check them out and let me know what you think:

The problem I now have is what to keep them in!!! So I had a quick browse and check out some of these fab Business Card holders I found:

For those that Want to make one themselves:

A fab looking pattern from keykalou

Or some super cute ready made ones:





Im tempted to buy the pattern and give making one a go, im also tempted to buy one because they are all sooooo cute!! Let me know what you think or which one you would get!!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

So its Day 4.....

Well its Day 4 in my Potty training experience and I think we have had a breakthrough!! Days 1 and 2 although not as horrendous as I thought they were going to be were horrible and unpredictable and not as successful as I would have liked ( no accidents and instant understanding of what was expected was what I would have liked!!) Im very much an out and about person and not feeling confident and able to go and do as I wish is very against what im used to, it was like having a new baby all over again. I must admit by the end of Tuesday I was feeling like he was never really going to get it.....
But Wednesday was a definite improvement and now Thursday has been even better, he finally telling me when he needs to go, I only have a half second warning but thats better than nothing. We have also had no accidents and a couple of trips out that were stress free aswell so all in all im a happier mummy today.
Im hoping to able to start focus back to my sewing today as ive not really had the motivation to make much these last few days.
Well I hope everyone has a fab Bank holiday weekend and I will fill you all in on mine next week!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Simple Cushion Cover!!

Heres how:


Cut out a piece of fabric that is a bit wider than the cushion you are covering and and long enough to go all the way round the cushion and probably about half of that again.

On the wrong side of the fabric turn the short ends down 1cm and then over again 1cm. Do this to both short ends and pin them or press them to hold it in place. Then to secure sew along both edges.


Still with the wrong sides facing you, fold the fabric over till the short ends overlap and it is the correct size to cover your cushion. Then pin the open ends and sew them together, I then usually zip zag over the seam to make the seams extra secure and prevent fraying.


Turn the cushion cover so the right side is now facing you.


Take a plastic bag and cover the cushion. Tie the ends of the bag and sellotape it so that its completely covered:


Put your newly plastic covered cushion inside your beautiful new cushion cover and your are finished!!

Thoughts be with me this week!!!

I may well be being a bit over dramatic but I actually think I never dreaded anything as much as this week!! Dun Dun Duuuuunnnnnnn!!


Yes i have reached that milestone for my little monster, I have been putting it off for a month or so and I realised that I cant unfortunately put it off for any longer :(

He is no longer my beautiful baby:

Hes a big grown up boy, and I think admitting that was possibley part of the reason for delaying the potty training, that and not relishing the thought of having little accidents all over my house!!


Day 1:

So I have started today and so far we have had 1 very small success and 3 little accidents! Not quite the result I was hoping for (and yes I was hoping for 100% successes and the perfect child!)

But on the plus side, I feel a lot calmer and happier than I thought I would! I spent a while preparing for this, Ive read books and brought a pile of spare pants ( I got a little carried away with the pants buying!!) In one of the books I read they reccomended making a cushion with a plastic lining so if accidents do occur, you arent washing your car seat and pushchair cover etc etc. I jumped at the chance of this, anything to make getting out the house easier and less tressful is a bonus in my eyes.

I wantd to share with you all how easy the cushion cover is, so I took a few photos and thought I would describe how I made it. It was super easy, no zips or buttons or anything other than straight sewing!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Man do I need a Holiday!!

We are having some absolutely beautiful weather at the moment, the only thing with beautiful weather is that it does not motivate me to work!! It makes me want to sit in the sunshine or play with my boy! It inspires me to buy heaps of summery fabric but not do anything with it, it inspires to me to think of all the beautiful things I would like to make but not to actually sit and create something!

So to encourage my procrastinating I sat and made a treasury:

Click on the picture and take a look at all the fab shops selling beautiful holiday inspired items, there are some amazing things in them. A particular favourite shop of mine that I found will looking for items in the Treasury was this shop:

The Wren

They are based in Cape Town and they make the most amazing range of bags, I absolutely love them and im very tempted to buy one of their travel bags next time due to go on holiday. I particularly love their coffee travel bags, definitely worth a look!

Now I must stop typing and go and make some things, I have some Rockstar Guitar slippers nearly finished and some orders to make and a post office trip to do!! Please send me some motivation with your thoughts!!!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Something New!

Oh my, i realised that I am rubbish at keeping this up to date! I also realise that my last blog said something very similar, so from now on im going to stop saying it and just post when I have something I need to say or show you!!

This time around I have my new design for slippers to show you. Please let me know what you think. They are a similar shape to the kimono style ones as I love the wideness of that style, they seem so much more comfy to me. But this time instead of being a cross over I have made them into one piece that are slightly pleated to add some detail.

Ive also decided to use 2 fabrics on the same slipper to add more detail and make them a bit different to the other I sell. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think:

Let me know what you think, opinions, changes what you like in a pair of slippers? Any feedback is very welcome!!

Next week I will have some different things to post about not so shop related more life related. But I think I will leave it at that for now and get back to watching Bolt and doing puzzles with my little monster! He doesnt appreciate the blogging and is starting to pull at my chair!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Little Catch up!!!

So I havent been very good a posting on my Blog, my original aim was to post something every few days and to feature some fabulous things that I have found but unfortunately my time has not allowed such fun!!

But I thought I would catch you all up on what ive been doing, I had a very interesting email from a very interesting person but I will tell you all about that another day when I know exactly what is happening with it, but it will be quite exciting if it all works out ok.
Ive been concentrating on keeping my shop stocked above 50 items, hence the lack of blogging, creating has taken over my time!!!

Ive been buying lots of new fabric to feed my serious addiction!! The problem I have is that I cant just buy the fabric I need, I always end up with heaps more new stuff aswell. Here is the first lot I have waiting to be washed:

I got these from a fab Etsy Shop called The Supply Stash, if you click on the picture you can go check her out!! She has many lovely things!! I list the other fabrics Ive got waiting be used another day when ive got a bit more time!

The final thing ive been doing is sorting out what items I want to put in my Spring Sale, so here it is:

All sale items have got 20% off! To start the sale of with a bang ive taken 10% off the rest of the shop aswell for 1 week only.

And to apologise for neglecting my Blog im offering free shipping on all orders placed by Blog followers for this week only 29.03.10 - 04.04.10! Just type Blog01 in Notes to seller and I will refund the shipping via paypal.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

100 Sales!!!

So i finally did it!! It was a bit over my original goal of 6 months from my first ever sale but that doesnt make me any less pleased!! I must admit the last couple of sales before 100 felt like the longest hardest wait ive have ever felt!! I guess its like that old saying "watched pot never boils", the main problem being that I was literally watching my computer waiting for a sale, not creating new things or promoting just watching!! I seriously dont know how to help my own cause do I?????

Im not sure what to make my next Goal, I wanted to average a sale a day in the year since my first sale but Im not sure that is very achievable, that means i have to sell 263 (i have now sold 102 things) in 5 months. Im gonna keep positive though because you never know what might happen!!

Well my 100th pair were this pair:

I absolutely love this pair and really wanted to be able to make more but the supplier i brought the beautiful wooden buttons from is no where to be found anymore :( I was sooo disappointed!! So if anyone knows where I can get similar wooden buttons please let me know!

As I always do when I list a new item I rearranged my shop so that it is surrounded my items that are similar colours, while doing this I found that i have a new love for all things yellow/citron/mustard!!! Check out the few other items I found while indulging in this fab colour:

Yellow Harris No More Bag

Mustard Felt Flower Clip

Reclaimed Mustache Mug

Dandelion Necklace

Dandelion Original Limited Edition Print

Polopolo Large Tissue Box Cover

Monday, 15 March 2010

Satin is Not my Friend!!!

So ive been a bit absent from my blog this last week or so,this is due to a few reasons, busyness, camera and weather conditions not co-operating to help me produce half decent pictures and also a very testing custom order!!

A few weeks ago a lovely customer contacted me asking if I could make some ballerina booties, one pair in pink and one in white satin. We discussed the details and off I went to my local fabric shop to look at the satin and get some ribbon samples etc etc. I had in my head how I was going to make them and thought it should be no problem at all. Off i went home ready to make a test pair, secretly hoping the test pair would turn out so perfect they would be able to be one of the pairs that she would have, how little did i know!!! A whole afternoon later and rapidly losing the light to take a photo with to show the customer I was getting a Little worried! I finally managed to make one shoe that was vaguely acceptable, took a quick snap and emailed the photo along with the various things I knew that I would have to change to the customer.

Still not 100% put off I started to make the real things ready to send. Well satin is not the easiest thing to sew, it frays, its slippery, it catches and you cannot unpick it without it leaving a lot of holes! The hole that needed to be in the side was yet another issue, in my head I instantly thought EASY, i will just pop a small button hole for the ribbon to thread through and it will be fantastic, how wrong I was again!! The button hole looked horrendous on the satin, it was impossible to get it in the right place and the same size on each shoe and the satin did not appreciate it at all!!

By this stage i was starting to worry, i did not want to disappoint my customer and i did not want to be beaten, but one very long afternoon and late night later and i was beginning to think about giving up, there seemed no way that i could make the ribbon thread the way the customer had asked it to thread without it looking terrible! But in a last ditch attempt and some strategically placed ribbon later and i finally did it!! I could not have been more relieved!!!

So here is the finished article:

I was so pleased I managed to do them and I hope my customer is pleased and maybe in a few weeks when I finally get over my hatred for satin I will use what i have left over to make some that I can sell in my shop!!

Just to give you an idea here is a sample of my tried and failed attempts:

So my lesson for the week is to think things through a bit more before I agree to them and to trial things properly without rushing!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

A Place for your thoughts!!

So recently i have been trying desperately to organise myself a bit better. Hubby brought me a Filofax for our anniversary and i LOVE it, so that has definitely helped in keeping on top of orders and deadlines etc and it looks fabulous, I still get excited every time I open it up!!

My problem is every time I start to get organised I get sidetracked into thinking how wonderful it would be if I had a sewing room and how beautiful it would look and how much fabric I could store etc etc. These thoughts obviously do not help me to organise the sewing space that I have right now!!

So today when I was trying to sort through some paper work I thought that maybe what I do need is some kind of Notebook/journal/Memo board. Something I could use to jot down thoughts or designs, inspiration, fabric and generally anything i at the moment just sling down on a scrap of paper and leave everywhere! But you guessed it, inside of getting sidetracked dreaming of the beautiful sewing room, i got side tracked shopping for my new journal!! I found some fab ones though, take a look......

Make A List Upcycled Plain Paper Notebooks- set of 4 Special Price

6 x 4 Spiral Bound NoteBook - For The Birds

The Goods in Magenta Steel Memo/Dry Erase Board

Red Berry Branch Notebook

Windowed Robot Moleskine Notebook with Book Plate

Set of 3 Recycled Pocket Notebooks

Lucky Red - Handbound Leather Journal

Charles Dickens . David Copperfield quote . handbound leather journal (320 pgs.)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Brain no longer functions!!

I had my babies ive lost brain cells etc etc" that is until I had my own baby and tried to use my brain and found that they were in fact all completely right!! Now I studied fashion at college, ive sewn a lot of things and been taught how to do them from the basics up, but that was 8 years ago!! Do you think I can remember any of it??? No is the answer!!

In looking to designing and making my nappy bag, I thought I would start small! The aim was a useful purse, that would fit a few coins, maybe a credit card, mobile phone etc. I also wanted it to have a key chain attachment so that you could keep everything you need all together and when I start on my actual bag I wanted to be able to attach the purse to the inside because nothing frustrates me more than pulling 1 item out of a bag and 20 other things falling out after it!

Now me being me (and possibly a little over confident) thought this process would be easy!

I brought some interfacing and some fusible fleece so it was nicely padded to protect various objects you might want to include, I decided on sizes etc, I made a little pattern piece and I sat down to start....... It was at the point I realised that I could not for the life of me remember how to insert a zip in a decent manner!! Every attempt I made ended in disaster looking like my 2 year old son had made the purse! I was so frustrated!!

It wasnt until I stepped away from my dishevelled piece of battered fabric and Zip that I realised what to do and from then on things were a bit a smoother!!

So this is it, the first pictures of my new purse:

It main seem small, but trust me it was a mammoth undertaking!!!

I was also really excited to sell my first pair of womens slippers to a lovely customer from Australia! So with the good weather, new challenges, fabulous customers its been a good start to the week!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Its Raining Again!!

It has been non stop raining all day, and while I dont mind the rain if im geared up for it, it does not motivate me to work. So im sitting around at home desperately trying to get the motivation up to do something whether it be clean (this is unlikely) or sew. I need to really sew as I have some orders that need filling, the problem I have when I feel unmotivated is that I cant sew for toffee!! One of my orders I am now on my second attempt as the first pair are too small. So I now have 3 pairs of little shoes that I dont really need, maybe I should host a giveaway on here for them?
My other problem is that I really want to start work on something new (my bag in a bag!!) Ive made the first pattern and brought some interfacing and padding etc for it so Im super excited, unfortunately the sensible side of me says you must fill orders first and this makes the not so sensible side of me procrastinate!!
I have only a short post to make today as our computer broke and I cant figure out to upload photos from my mobile to the new one!! Will have to wait till hubby is home!
In the mean time here is a fabulous Treasury we were featured in a few days ago that made it to the front page, I had to share it because the colours were so beautiful and some of the artwork is just gorgeous!!

So thats it for today hopefully I will have something more exciting to say in the next couple of days!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Winter Sun!!

So when we got ready this morning the weather just seemed beautiful! The sun was shining and it felt so warm inside my house! I asked my little monster what request he had for today and I was told "Seaside Mummy", what a fab idea I thought!! Unfortunately when we arrived at the seaside, the beautiful warm sun was battered by the freezing cold wind!!!! We had a lovely time though, super cold but lovely! My monster was making sand castles and picking up shells and playing as if it were a warm sunny day on the beach, it still amazes me to this day how kids do not feel the cold or care about how they may look, they just have fun and enjoy their surroundings!!
The picture above I thought really summed up how beautiful it was today, i found it here: they have some amazing prints!! Definitely worth a look!!
On another note I wanted to draw everyones attention to this fabulous blog and giveaway:
Making Lemonade
You can win all manner of different things including $20 to spend in my shop!! This is a list of all the other giveaways:
YOUR CHOICE of a $25 print from BelliUccelli
YOUR CHOICE of a onesie from Lee Marie
TWO $50 gift certificates to Baby's First Phone Call
$20 gift certificate to Seamingly Possible
Mini-quilt by Sewing Maniac
$35 gift certificate to Garden of Holly
$50 gift card to Safeway stores
Definitely worth an entry or 2!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

What A Surprise!!

So I woke up this morning to find:

I had been awarded 2 sunshine awards!!! I was very excited!!

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world.The rules for accepting the Sunshine award ~Put the logo on your blog or within your postPass the award onto 12 bloggersLink the nominees within your postLet the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are the 12 blogs I nominated:

Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Projects!!!!

So i finally made it to 50 items in my Etsy Shop, this has been my goal since I first started taking it all seriously, so im incredibly chuffed to say ive done it!!

Now onto my next project!!
I really want to make a fabulous Nappy Bag, it was so important to me when I was first pregnant, I spent hours trawling the net to find a good one, one that looked fabulous and still had many pockets and useful bits that I thought I would need. To my dismay there really wasnt much choice unless I wanted to spend heaps and heaps of money and even then I didnt really love any of them enough or they were so girly that it put me off as I knew I was having a boy!!
So at the moment im jotting down ideas and thinking about what it needs, what would be nice and how it should look!

I know that one of the most important things to me as a mum was to be able to take the minimum with me when i had to change nappys, for example when in a restaurant. The last thing I wanted was to lug a massive bag complete with the kitchen sink to the mothers and babies room, I still needed to have all these things with me at the meal but I did not need them in the changing room! So I think the first thing I will be working on is a bag in bag, something that can have all the vital things in it that you can swap from bag to bag without worrying about. Something that does not weigh a ton, that you can carry easily while you carry the baby. (weight is very important to me as my little monster is hugely heavy and carrying things other than him are nearly impossible!)
What do you look for in the perfect bag? I mean any bag not just nappy ones!!! Would love to hear your opinions!!