Thursday, 25 February 2010

Its Raining Again!!

It has been non stop raining all day, and while I dont mind the rain if im geared up for it, it does not motivate me to work. So im sitting around at home desperately trying to get the motivation up to do something whether it be clean (this is unlikely) or sew. I need to really sew as I have some orders that need filling, the problem I have when I feel unmotivated is that I cant sew for toffee!! One of my orders I am now on my second attempt as the first pair are too small. So I now have 3 pairs of little shoes that I dont really need, maybe I should host a giveaway on here for them?
My other problem is that I really want to start work on something new (my bag in a bag!!) Ive made the first pattern and brought some interfacing and padding etc for it so Im super excited, unfortunately the sensible side of me says you must fill orders first and this makes the not so sensible side of me procrastinate!!
I have only a short post to make today as our computer broke and I cant figure out to upload photos from my mobile to the new one!! Will have to wait till hubby is home!
In the mean time here is a fabulous Treasury we were featured in a few days ago that made it to the front page, I had to share it because the colours were so beautiful and some of the artwork is just gorgeous!!

So thats it for today hopefully I will have something more exciting to say in the next couple of days!!


  1. Your shop is gorgeous and your photographs are exquisite! I'm very envious of your sewing skills. All I can do is hem my pants (since I'm only 5'1").

  2. Congrats on being in a treasury! I've GOT to check out your shop now. Those booties look so cute.

  3. Well done on the treasury feature!

    Also thank you for submitting your blog to Craft Blog UK I have just added you to the sewing and textiles listings - Happy Blogging x :o)