Thursday, 29 April 2010

So its Day 4.....

Well its Day 4 in my Potty training experience and I think we have had a breakthrough!! Days 1 and 2 although not as horrendous as I thought they were going to be were horrible and unpredictable and not as successful as I would have liked ( no accidents and instant understanding of what was expected was what I would have liked!!) Im very much an out and about person and not feeling confident and able to go and do as I wish is very against what im used to, it was like having a new baby all over again. I must admit by the end of Tuesday I was feeling like he was never really going to get it.....
But Wednesday was a definite improvement and now Thursday has been even better, he finally telling me when he needs to go, I only have a half second warning but thats better than nothing. We have also had no accidents and a couple of trips out that were stress free aswell so all in all im a happier mummy today.
Im hoping to able to start focus back to my sewing today as ive not really had the motivation to make much these last few days.
Well I hope everyone has a fab Bank holiday weekend and I will fill you all in on mine next week!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Simple Cushion Cover!!

Heres how:


Cut out a piece of fabric that is a bit wider than the cushion you are covering and and long enough to go all the way round the cushion and probably about half of that again.

On the wrong side of the fabric turn the short ends down 1cm and then over again 1cm. Do this to both short ends and pin them or press them to hold it in place. Then to secure sew along both edges.


Still with the wrong sides facing you, fold the fabric over till the short ends overlap and it is the correct size to cover your cushion. Then pin the open ends and sew them together, I then usually zip zag over the seam to make the seams extra secure and prevent fraying.


Turn the cushion cover so the right side is now facing you.


Take a plastic bag and cover the cushion. Tie the ends of the bag and sellotape it so that its completely covered:


Put your newly plastic covered cushion inside your beautiful new cushion cover and your are finished!!

Thoughts be with me this week!!!

I may well be being a bit over dramatic but I actually think I never dreaded anything as much as this week!! Dun Dun Duuuuunnnnnnn!!


Yes i have reached that milestone for my little monster, I have been putting it off for a month or so and I realised that I cant unfortunately put it off for any longer :(

He is no longer my beautiful baby:

Hes a big grown up boy, and I think admitting that was possibley part of the reason for delaying the potty training, that and not relishing the thought of having little accidents all over my house!!


Day 1:

So I have started today and so far we have had 1 very small success and 3 little accidents! Not quite the result I was hoping for (and yes I was hoping for 100% successes and the perfect child!)

But on the plus side, I feel a lot calmer and happier than I thought I would! I spent a while preparing for this, Ive read books and brought a pile of spare pants ( I got a little carried away with the pants buying!!) In one of the books I read they reccomended making a cushion with a plastic lining so if accidents do occur, you arent washing your car seat and pushchair cover etc etc. I jumped at the chance of this, anything to make getting out the house easier and less tressful is a bonus in my eyes.

I wantd to share with you all how easy the cushion cover is, so I took a few photos and thought I would describe how I made it. It was super easy, no zips or buttons or anything other than straight sewing!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Man do I need a Holiday!!

We are having some absolutely beautiful weather at the moment, the only thing with beautiful weather is that it does not motivate me to work!! It makes me want to sit in the sunshine or play with my boy! It inspires me to buy heaps of summery fabric but not do anything with it, it inspires to me to think of all the beautiful things I would like to make but not to actually sit and create something!

So to encourage my procrastinating I sat and made a treasury:

Click on the picture and take a look at all the fab shops selling beautiful holiday inspired items, there are some amazing things in them. A particular favourite shop of mine that I found will looking for items in the Treasury was this shop:

The Wren

They are based in Cape Town and they make the most amazing range of bags, I absolutely love them and im very tempted to buy one of their travel bags next time due to go on holiday. I particularly love their coffee travel bags, definitely worth a look!

Now I must stop typing and go and make some things, I have some Rockstar Guitar slippers nearly finished and some orders to make and a post office trip to do!! Please send me some motivation with your thoughts!!!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Something New!

Oh my, i realised that I am rubbish at keeping this up to date! I also realise that my last blog said something very similar, so from now on im going to stop saying it and just post when I have something I need to say or show you!!

This time around I have my new design for slippers to show you. Please let me know what you think. They are a similar shape to the kimono style ones as I love the wideness of that style, they seem so much more comfy to me. But this time instead of being a cross over I have made them into one piece that are slightly pleated to add some detail.

Ive also decided to use 2 fabrics on the same slipper to add more detail and make them a bit different to the other I sell. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think:

Let me know what you think, opinions, changes what you like in a pair of slippers? Any feedback is very welcome!!

Next week I will have some different things to post about not so shop related more life related. But I think I will leave it at that for now and get back to watching Bolt and doing puzzles with my little monster! He doesnt appreciate the blogging and is starting to pull at my chair!!