Monday, 26 April 2010

Thoughts be with me this week!!!

I may well be being a bit over dramatic but I actually think I never dreaded anything as much as this week!! Dun Dun Duuuuunnnnnnn!!


Yes i have reached that milestone for my little monster, I have been putting it off for a month or so and I realised that I cant unfortunately put it off for any longer :(

He is no longer my beautiful baby:

Hes a big grown up boy, and I think admitting that was possibley part of the reason for delaying the potty training, that and not relishing the thought of having little accidents all over my house!!


Day 1:

So I have started today and so far we have had 1 very small success and 3 little accidents! Not quite the result I was hoping for (and yes I was hoping for 100% successes and the perfect child!)

But on the plus side, I feel a lot calmer and happier than I thought I would! I spent a while preparing for this, Ive read books and brought a pile of spare pants ( I got a little carried away with the pants buying!!) In one of the books I read they reccomended making a cushion with a plastic lining so if accidents do occur, you arent washing your car seat and pushchair cover etc etc. I jumped at the chance of this, anything to make getting out the house easier and less tressful is a bonus in my eyes.

I wantd to share with you all how easy the cushion cover is, so I took a few photos and thought I would describe how I made it. It was super easy, no zips or buttons or anything other than straight sewing!

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