Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Man do I need a Holiday!!

We are having some absolutely beautiful weather at the moment, the only thing with beautiful weather is that it does not motivate me to work!! It makes me want to sit in the sunshine or play with my boy! It inspires me to buy heaps of summery fabric but not do anything with it, it inspires to me to think of all the beautiful things I would like to make but not to actually sit and create something!

So to encourage my procrastinating I sat and made a treasury:

Click on the picture and take a look at all the fab shops selling beautiful holiday inspired items, there are some amazing things in them. A particular favourite shop of mine that I found will looking for items in the Treasury was this shop:

The Wren

They are based in Cape Town and they make the most amazing range of bags, I absolutely love them and im very tempted to buy one of their travel bags next time due to go on holiday. I particularly love their coffee travel bags, definitely worth a look!

Now I must stop typing and go and make some things, I have some Rockstar Guitar slippers nearly finished and some orders to make and a post office trip to do!! Please send me some motivation with your thoughts!!!

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