Monday, 26 April 2010

Simple Cushion Cover!!

Heres how:


Cut out a piece of fabric that is a bit wider than the cushion you are covering and and long enough to go all the way round the cushion and probably about half of that again.

On the wrong side of the fabric turn the short ends down 1cm and then over again 1cm. Do this to both short ends and pin them or press them to hold it in place. Then to secure sew along both edges.


Still with the wrong sides facing you, fold the fabric over till the short ends overlap and it is the correct size to cover your cushion. Then pin the open ends and sew them together, I then usually zip zag over the seam to make the seams extra secure and prevent fraying.


Turn the cushion cover so the right side is now facing you.


Take a plastic bag and cover the cushion. Tie the ends of the bag and sellotape it so that its completely covered:


Put your newly plastic covered cushion inside your beautiful new cushion cover and your are finished!!


  1. Excellent post and so easy! The timing on this for me is daughter just gave me 2 pillows to cover. I am going to use this technique...Thanks so much!!!

  2. super cute cushion! love the stripes!

    found you on etsy forums. I'd love it if you visited me too!

  3. Lovely, succinct instructions for the cushion cover. Ideal for beginners.
    Can I just ask though, why the plastic bag?

  4. Thanks for all your comments guys!! Deborah im still new to this blogging thing and the post that is previous to this one explains the plastic bag, im potty training my son and its his special cushion to sit on whilst in his car seat etc to avoid accidents happening and me having to wash the car seat cover!! I wanted the posts to be one whole post instead of 2 but I pressed publish instead of save!!!

  5. Oh I get it now, what a great idea! I should have read further... I will now.

  6. Oh I understand now - what a clever idea!
    I shall now read the later posts of your blog, just as I should have done the other night!