Thursday, 29 April 2010

So its Day 4.....

Well its Day 4 in my Potty training experience and I think we have had a breakthrough!! Days 1 and 2 although not as horrendous as I thought they were going to be were horrible and unpredictable and not as successful as I would have liked ( no accidents and instant understanding of what was expected was what I would have liked!!) Im very much an out and about person and not feeling confident and able to go and do as I wish is very against what im used to, it was like having a new baby all over again. I must admit by the end of Tuesday I was feeling like he was never really going to get it.....
But Wednesday was a definite improvement and now Thursday has been even better, he finally telling me when he needs to go, I only have a half second warning but thats better than nothing. We have also had no accidents and a couple of trips out that were stress free aswell so all in all im a happier mummy today.
Im hoping to able to start focus back to my sewing today as ive not really had the motivation to make much these last few days.
Well I hope everyone has a fab Bank holiday weekend and I will fill you all in on mine next week!


  1. He's gorgeous!! My 2yo gives about a 3 minute warning which, as happened today, is not good if you join the back of a loo queue!!

  2. Im so glad im not the only one!!! I have always let mums go first in toilet queues for that very reason!!