Thursday, 6 May 2010

They are here!!!

Yes my Moo cards have arrived!! If any of your are fans on of my facebook page you will know that I ordered some last week and was very very excited about getting them!! Well they arrived this morning and I can safely say that I am really chuffed with how they have turned out. They are printed on gorgeous card, nice and thick and not too shiny. They look really good, I will definitely be ordering some more and probably some stickers and mini moo cards aswell!!
Im glad I finally went through and ordered some because ive been thinking about it for weeks and its not till you see them in the flesh that you realise firstly how pants my home printed ones are and secondly exactly what photos sell your items best in that kind of space. I will definitely be spending more time choosing my photos next time as there are a few cards that im not so keen on because the picture looks a bit odd in the space.
Check them out and let me know what you think:

The problem I now have is what to keep them in!!! So I had a quick browse and check out some of these fab Business Card holders I found:

For those that Want to make one themselves:

A fab looking pattern from keykalou

Or some super cute ready made ones:





Im tempted to buy the pattern and give making one a go, im also tempted to buy one because they are all sooooo cute!! Let me know what you think or which one you would get!!!


  1. The Lucy Blaire Creation one!!

    Okay Okay, I'm biased. I'd say make your own!

    Well I guess I'm biased on that too! LOL

  2. You are allowed to biased Lucy, it is a beautiful one!!! I still havent decided, I keep looking at all of them and my mind changes every time!!!