Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Summer sun and dandelions!!

Well the weather has been fabulous and we have been outside for as much of the day as possible! This does not help me be creative but it is fab to spend so much time with my monster and enjoy the fresh air!!

His favourite things to do at the moment are feed the ducks, this is not my favourite as we get swarmed by geese and swans and pigeons and seagulls, and I then spend the next half an hour trying to avoid being pecked and pooped on The things we do for our kids enjoyment though hey!

He also has found the joy that is dandelions and blowing all the seeds away, its the cutest thing watching him try and figure out how to blow instead of suck and then not being able to blow hard enough to get the seeds to fly away. He hasnt quite got the hang of counting so its a dandelion clock, he counts 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 and it takes him about a 100 blows to clear the thing so I wouldnt call it accurate time keeping by any means but he likes it!!

Simple things that we take for granted as adults absolutely fascinate children and its not until you spend time with one that you learn to appreciate them again. They are constantly learning and changing and absorbing information and such a fast rate, I wish I could still take things in at the same rate, it would make life a lot easier sometimes!!

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