Saturday, 16 October 2010

What a fab morning!!

I just needed to share my fabulous morning with you all!!

Anyone that knows me/reads my blog/looks at my facebook page will know that I am absolutely obsessed with fabric especially the buying of it and choosing it. So you can probably understand my frustration in living in the Uk as most of the fabrics I love are from the US, this means that it costs a lot to post them and i tend to have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive! The spoilt child in me does not appreciate the waiting!!!

So you can imagine my surprise when the postman rang my doorbell this morning and there was my parcel all the way from the USA (SkyeReveFabrics) which i only ordered 4 days ago!! I was sooooooooooooooo happy!!
The fabric is soooooooooooo beautiful as well i can not wait to use it, and i have a very exciting custom order that i will start on Monday which i can use it for Yippeeee!!

Also to top off the beautiful morning my lovely little monster slept in till nearly 10 o'clock!! As anyone with kiddies will confirm this is nothing short of a miracle! So my household is full of very happy people today!!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Etsy Silly Sale!!!

This week from today I am taking part in the Uk Silly Sale with a lot of other fabulous Etsy shops!! So instead of showing you my sale items i have been doing a little browsing, (possibly a little shopping later!!) to find you some absolutely fabulous sale goods! Trust me they are fabulous!!

Take a look at these fabulous prints by Heidiadnum. Free shipping on all prints and also some beautiful bunting that they sell!!!

Next is another fab shop called Wudwerx! They sell all kinds of Bird feeder and wooden bug boxes and bird houses! They have some great offers on. I particularly love this toast bird feeder and think it would look fantastic in my garden!!

I completely fell in love this bangle from QuercusSilver, it is beautiful and a complete bargain now its in the sale!!

Because i love cupcakes especially ones that look too pretty to eat, take a look at millalove for amazing cupcake toppers!!

And last but by no means least these gorgeous greetings cards!!! I am such a card hoarder so these are right up my street!!! Take a look at KitszieG for more cards, postcards and prints!!!

Let me know if you buy any bargains today!!!