Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Projects!!!!

So i finally made it to 50 items in my Etsy Shop, this has been my goal since I first started taking it all seriously, so im incredibly chuffed to say ive done it!!

Now onto my next project!!
I really want to make a fabulous Nappy Bag, it was so important to me when I was first pregnant, I spent hours trawling the net to find a good one, one that looked fabulous and still had many pockets and useful bits that I thought I would need. To my dismay there really wasnt much choice unless I wanted to spend heaps and heaps of money and even then I didnt really love any of them enough or they were so girly that it put me off as I knew I was having a boy!!
So at the moment im jotting down ideas and thinking about what it needs, what would be nice and how it should look!

I know that one of the most important things to me as a mum was to be able to take the minimum with me when i had to change nappys, for example when in a restaurant. The last thing I wanted was to lug a massive bag complete with the kitchen sink to the mothers and babies room, I still needed to have all these things with me at the meal but I did not need them in the changing room! So I think the first thing I will be working on is a bag in bag, something that can have all the vital things in it that you can swap from bag to bag without worrying about. Something that does not weigh a ton, that you can carry easily while you carry the baby. (weight is very important to me as my little monster is hugely heavy and carrying things other than him are nearly impossible!)
What do you look for in the perfect bag? I mean any bag not just nappy ones!!! Would love to hear your opinions!!


  1. I would like to award you the Sunshine Award!
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  2. Haha Dottie you beat me to it, I love your blog so I've also nominated you for a sunshine award see my blog xxb

  3. What an accomplishment. It took me forever to get 50 items in my shop. Congrats :)

  4. PLEASE email me when you get the bags posted! I need a new diaper bag so much. I've been having a hard time finding a bag with beautiful fabric. All the bags I see are "frumpy", so I'd love to find one that is chic. I love all the things in your shop so I know you'd have some fabulous colors and patterns!

    It should also have comfy straps and a few pockets. Plus lots of room for the necessities. I LOVE the "bag in a bag" idea you have. I usually leave the large diaper bag in the car and take just what is needed into the store.

    I personally love a more structured type bag-- so many in the stores are kinda sloppy looking and since I'm a new mom I already feel sloppy. I don't want my bag to be that way, too! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

  5. I will definately do that Carrie!! Thanks for your input, it helps (especially as you seem to have the same taste as me!! I dont so sloppy bags either!)