Thursday, 18 March 2010

100 Sales!!!

So i finally did it!! It was a bit over my original goal of 6 months from my first ever sale but that doesnt make me any less pleased!! I must admit the last couple of sales before 100 felt like the longest hardest wait ive have ever felt!! I guess its like that old saying "watched pot never boils", the main problem being that I was literally watching my computer waiting for a sale, not creating new things or promoting just watching!! I seriously dont know how to help my own cause do I?????

Im not sure what to make my next Goal, I wanted to average a sale a day in the year since my first sale but Im not sure that is very achievable, that means i have to sell 263 (i have now sold 102 things) in 5 months. Im gonna keep positive though because you never know what might happen!!

Well my 100th pair were this pair:

I absolutely love this pair and really wanted to be able to make more but the supplier i brought the beautiful wooden buttons from is no where to be found anymore :( I was sooo disappointed!! So if anyone knows where I can get similar wooden buttons please let me know!

As I always do when I list a new item I rearranged my shop so that it is surrounded my items that are similar colours, while doing this I found that i have a new love for all things yellow/citron/mustard!!! Check out the few other items I found while indulging in this fab colour:

Yellow Harris No More Bag

Mustard Felt Flower Clip

Reclaimed Mustache Mug

Dandelion Necklace

Dandelion Original Limited Edition Print

Polopolo Large Tissue Box Cover


  1. Congratulations!! That's amazing! What a milestone. Here's to another 100.

  2. Congratulations. Wishing you 1,000 more.

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  4. Thanks everybody!! I would definately be super excited with a 1000 more Ren!! Ha Ha!!