Friday, 5 March 2010

A Place for your thoughts!!

So recently i have been trying desperately to organise myself a bit better. Hubby brought me a Filofax for our anniversary and i LOVE it, so that has definitely helped in keeping on top of orders and deadlines etc and it looks fabulous, I still get excited every time I open it up!!

My problem is every time I start to get organised I get sidetracked into thinking how wonderful it would be if I had a sewing room and how beautiful it would look and how much fabric I could store etc etc. These thoughts obviously do not help me to organise the sewing space that I have right now!!

So today when I was trying to sort through some paper work I thought that maybe what I do need is some kind of Notebook/journal/Memo board. Something I could use to jot down thoughts or designs, inspiration, fabric and generally anything i at the moment just sling down on a scrap of paper and leave everywhere! But you guessed it, inside of getting sidetracked dreaming of the beautiful sewing room, i got side tracked shopping for my new journal!! I found some fab ones though, take a look......

Make A List Upcycled Plain Paper Notebooks- set of 4 Special Price

6 x 4 Spiral Bound NoteBook - For The Birds

The Goods in Magenta Steel Memo/Dry Erase Board

Red Berry Branch Notebook

Windowed Robot Moleskine Notebook with Book Plate

Set of 3 Recycled Pocket Notebooks

Lucky Red - Handbound Leather Journal

Charles Dickens . David Copperfield quote . handbound leather journal (320 pgs.)


  1. I LOVE your blog, it is beautiful! I have a thing for pretty notebooks, I collect them and rarely write in them. But I love to buy them!

  2. Excellent post! 100% relate to what you're saying, one of the best things I ever did was buy a notebook to write, sketch, doodle in! I bought a recycled Billy Joel album notebook on Etsy and love it. These are all gorgeous, I might have to get another one :0)

  3. Im a bit the same Maleah, I love to buy them and dont want to ruin them by writing in them!!